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Binary Financials

General Ledger

The General Ledger allows You to Quickly process your Cashbooks, Journals, Do bank reconciliation among many various function. The Integration of Cost Codes and Sales Analysis Codes in the System makes it possible for you to account in terms of expenses and income for every division and department in your organisation. The Asset Register keeps track of your assets and makes Asset Depreciation as easy as clicking the mouse button. Binary Accounting Multi —user Capability and efficient user management architecture will enable your work to be processe


Time Management System

W e at Binary understand that Running your business is about how you organise and coordinate your employees at every level. The Time Management System Allows you to differentiate between the recoverable and non recoverable expenses. Allowing you to restructure and maximise every hour spent by your employees.

Inventory Management System

I nventory has never been more easier to manage. Not only do you have three different price list but you also have the ability to make the system automatically update your prices with the Binary Automatic Inflation adjustment Facility. This is very useful for high Capacity processing in POS functions in a supermarket or retail branch. Integration of Inventory to the General ledger does away with inventory reconciliation transactions at the end of each month. Allocation of Cost and Sales Codes at the Point of Invoicing makes it a breeze to track expenses and income, or to simply calculate your commissions for your sales personnel. Reorder level warnings keeps your inventory quantities in check all the time.

Multiple Users

Multiple Companies

Multiple Periods

Two Year Accounts

Multiple Modules

Excellent Support

Receipting & Banking

The receipting module will receipt all your customers . The receipts can be printed or emailed. The banking Assistant will help you bank the money into your banking accounts according to the classifications that you would have set up.

Help Desk Solutions

Your Customers are an essential part of your business. No matter what industry you are in it is essential for you to process your clients request and queries fast and efficiently . The help desk will log in your customer support call if necessary allocate it to a specialised support personnel who will be notified by the system.