Another Level Altogether

The Business Need

Average School has about 1000 students Meaning

1,000 receipts for school fees to be captured in your accounting system

1,000 receipts for levy

And at times when the school embarks on a project be it be a building fund, or other invoiceable activities that’s another 1,000 receipts

The Undesirable End Result

This has developed into a situation where the accountant’s job is now data capturing This has given rise to a situation where deposits made to the bank are sitting in a suspense account They is no way for people to effectively and immediately know who has paid what. Getting an accurate statement for a student becomes a nightmare because so much information has to be gathered from different places.

How does it Work

We Install Binary Software on your machine
No user Interaction neededYou will not even know that the software is there

Benefits of Deposit Manager

No more late nights spent data capturing As accountants your jobs is to analyze data and not to be stuck entering receipt after receipt. Binary Deposit Manager encourages a life of less pressure, less stress . Saves time on reconciliation (Accounting System and Banks)

What do you need for all this to happen

You need a working internet solution Dongles are a no-no for business

A machine that will act as the server Operating System windows 10

A bank that is prepared to meet your needs (willingness to work with your software developer)

And most importantly BINARY DEPOSIT MANAGER